Good training cannot be emphasized enough in learning dance. When parents enroll their student into their first dance class, you do not know whether or not they will want to train seriously throughout their school years or approach dance on a recreational level. We believe it is important to set the basics of dance training on firm fundamentals. We would like your child to have the best start possible with their dance training helping them blossom into a well-developed dancer, where they can enjoy the whole dance experience. 

Dance is an art form that should be enjoyed. We offer our dancers the opportunity to work with a set syllabus working on the fundamentals of dance. This will help them to develop and if they would like can take dance examinations with very respected examination boards. Along with working with syllabus we also aim to inspire children and make the whole experience fun. All our classes also include extra learning as well as using the syllabus so that children can develop a wide knowledge of dance. We also offer children the chance to perform in a non-competitive atmosphere. Children can also have the opportunity to compete if desired in dance competitions.  

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